The Big Lead & 10+ Best Alternatives

 The Big Lead

The Big Lead

 Since it’s creation in 1998, the website known as the Big Lead has gained a huge fan following among sports fans. The Big Lead is owned by Minute Media, an online advertising company that specializes in sports marketing. The website covers professional sports in urban areas and its content is mainly geared toward men between the ages of 18 and 34. They also offer further details of their plan of action to promote worldwide sports journalism and media literacy. 

 National sports websites have specific readerships compared to their local counterparts. These big readers are often found reading national sports websites instead of their local paper. This is because fans are attracted to national sports websites by the flashy advertisements they have for sports goods and services. In fact, these websites earn more revenue from advertisements than from paying subscribers. However, not all subscribers are willing to drop enough money for a monthly subscription just to read an article or two about sports. As such, most national sports websites have a paywall for their content and a free section for those willing to read short previews or lists on their website. 

On the other hand, fans are often unwilling to pay for local sports content either. In fact, many local newspapers are looking to cut back on big editions due to increasing competition from other newspapers and online news portals. Thus, this is also a good source of advertisement revenue for local sports media outlets. Unfortunately, this frequently leads to “spinning” or “shilling”— when a business advertises on a website with a bias towards its products or services so that it can boost sales. Thus, fans should be wary of any advertisements found on sportswriters’ websites as they may be paid promoters trying to sell certain things to you.

Additionally, regional sports media companies work hard to attract subscribers from rival media outlets that may only cater to men between the ages of 35 and 54. They do this either by offering exclusive content — such as live games or highlight videos — or by paying big salaries to their best sportswriters. Either way, fans are willing to pay top dollar for quality sports content instead of generic highlights shown on every other website. Because of this, many big cities now have not one but two reputable national sports websites catering specifically to young men between 18 and 34 years of age.

 The world of online journalism is becoming increasingly competitive— especially when considering the potential revenue potential offered by advertisers. Therefore, it’s essential that every new media outlet learns how to promote the right kind of reader base in order to succeed in the modern world of communications and information dissemination. 

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