Sportstream TV & 10+ Best Alternatives

 Sportstream TV

Sportstream TV

 Sportstream TV is a subscription-based sports streaming service that allows users to watch live sports events on their smartphones, tablets, computers and television sets. The company was launched in 2013 in the United States and currently has over 400,000 subscribers. In addition to providing worldwide live sports and events, the service also provides highlights and archived programs as part of its package prices.

 To sign up for Sportstream TV, you must pay an annual fee for the service. You can watch 75 live sports events per month for $4.99 or access to up to 250 events per year for $12.99 per month. Every event is available to you at the current subscription price so you can decide which events you want to watch or listen to. Subscription packages are available to buy online or via your mobile phone via text message. You can also add additional channels such as movies and cartoons to your package if you’d like.

To access sports on Sportstream TV, you need an internet connection with a fast speed and enough space on your device’s hard drive. You can choose to watch games directly on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC by installing the Sportstream TV app. The app has the same features regardless of the platform you use it on so you won’t have any trouble finding an event to watch. You can also watch multiple games at once on all of these devices by signing up for Sportstream TV’s Multi-Sport package.

The Multi-Sport package gives you access to 192 live games from around the world via eight different sports: American Football, Basketball, Cricket, Cycling, Ice Hockey, Rugby and Tennis. In addition to covering traditional sports like American football and basketball, Sportstream TV also covers lacrosse, rugby and ice hockey. This makes it one of the most comprehensive services available for watching live sport around the world.

The Multi-Sport package starts at a total cost of $9.99 per month but includes six free months when you subscribe via text message or online billing. Additional months cost $10 each; this increases the cheapest Multi-Sport subscription plan to $13.98 monthly when purchasing 12 months at a time. Alternatively, you can buy a one-month or yearly subscription which costs $9.99 each but reduces the cost per month or year depending on which plan you select when subscribing online.

Because sport is generally a male dominated hobby, Sportstream TV also includes a female focused option called FEMALE+. This channel offers 80% female focused content compared to the standard channel so more women can enjoy watching sport without being drowned out by men’s interests. In addition, FEMALE+ uses a separate username and password so subscribers can easily distinguish between the two channels during games.

 Sportstream TV is one of the best services available for watching live sports events anywhere in the world due to its extensive selection of games and its availability across multiple platforms such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs. The subscription model makes it easy for anyone to sign up and watch any sport they want without hassle; plus there are multiple plans available depending on how often you want to watch sport so everyone can find something they’ll enjoy watching. 

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