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Stat Muse

Since the inception of sports, statisticians have watched as common knowledge of sports has moved from print to digital. What was once readily accessible by newspapers, magazines and TV broadcasts has now become more difficult to access since athletes no longer send printed copies to newspapers. Today, fans cannot find stats they need without resorting to Google or Wikipedia— both of which are not entirely satisfactory. Essentially, fans are finding what they need on the internet but their internet is not as proficient as a statistician’s memory. Therefore, fans may be on to something when they say the “sports fan is the most stat deficient person in America.”

 To combat this issue, StatMuse was launched by two former sports statisticians Ben Jones and Nick Savva in 2015. StatMuse is an artificial intelligence company that uses conversational search to find relevant sports information. Conversational search provides an in-depth analysis of a subject with credibility and accuracy based on its tone and attitude. In addition, conversational search is fast because it uses machine learning algorithms rather than human experts. Since launching, StatMuse has gained popularity in the sports info community by implementing conversational search into their daily lives.

In the late 1980s and 1990s, internet usage was at its lowest point and statistics was at its highest in popularity. In response to the surge in statistical knowledge available online, Nick Savva and Ben Jones decided to pursue their hobby full time when they graduated from university in 2014. After much research and prototyping with Nick’s brother Tom, they launched StatMuse with a web app for iPad tablets. The web app was tested with sports fanatics before being released for public use in August 2017. It was released just after summer leagues ended on August 1st and just before the preseason started on August 8th. 

The release date for StatMuse was intentional since it provided an excellent user experience for sports fans. Fans could download the app from the Apple store or Google Play store while watching games via live streaming services such as Hulu and YouTube. After playing a game or two, fans could look up any player’s name or team they had seen during the game— all without leaving the web browser tab they were already viewing on. Aside from its easy accessibility, StatMuse received positive reviews within days of release due to its intuitive design and user-friendly interface. 

 Although stat deficiency impacts many avid sports fans, StatMuse is bringing the statistical experience back into everyday life by automating sports stats research. Fans no longer have to resort to Wikipedia when they want to find out how a player performed during a particular game or season. The changing nature of industries leads companies to come up with new ways of accomplishing tasks consumers are accustomed to paying for— especially when those methods alleviate consumers’ concerns about limited resources. 

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