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 Zenmanga.com is an online comic book featuring the ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle along with their contemporary counterparts. The comic is based on the ideas of ancient Greek philosophies found in the writings of Plato and Aristotle. The comic focuses on how human beings can comprehend reality through their minds or consciousness. Human beings use their thoughts or consciousness to understand and interact with the external world. A zen concept is a way of life or a philosophy based on understanding and experiencing the truth. Zen is a Japanese word that refers to China or Chinese philosophy, which is also known as Chan Buddhism. There are several zen concepts that are followed by Buddhist practitioners.

 How did Plato and Aristotle understand knowledge and wisdom? In his dialogue, Meno, Plato’s student Socrates asked Meno what he knew and understood about his own ignorance. Meno answered that he knew nothing about his own ignorance. This dialogue explores how to understand knowledge or understanding by asking oneself fundamental questions first. In other words, one should start by understanding one’s understanding before moving on to understanding anything else. To do so requires wisdom or understanding first because one knows how to go about gaining knowledge once one understands how to gain knowledge through his thoughts.  

According to Aristotle, there are three kinds of knowledge; practical, productive and consummatory. The first type is used for performing tasks; the second for producing results; while the third for enjoying things through contemplation or enjoyment (the arts). For example, an architect knows how to design buildings but doesn’t necessarily know how to build structures himself using his designs. Instead, he would hire someone who understands his design skills to perform tasks using his practical knowledgebase as a starting point. While each person understands things differently— in line with Aristotle’s caveat — there are certain ways that people have traditionally understood wisdom in ancient Greece and Rome through the oral tradition of proverbs like those found in Confucius’s Analects 

 Zenmanga brings light into dark places by presenting original thought via ancient Greek philosophies such as Plato and Aristotle’s contemporary thought represented by contemporary thinkers such as Alan Watts . . . . . . . . . . . . .. By presenting ancient Greek thoughts through a comic book format, ZENmanga creates awareness about classical wisdom in a fun way that everyone can understand no matter where they are in their own personal journey towards enlightenment! 

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