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 xResolver is an Internet-based system that allows parents to monitor their child’s online activity. The name xResolver derives from the phrase “x is RESOLVED”. The creator of xResolver, Stephen Clark, came up with this name because he wanted to stress the fact that what he was creating would solve a certain problem. Parents who want to control their children’s online activity can use xResolver to block access to certain websites and games. The software runs on a web browser, so there is no need for the user to install anything on his or her computer. All they need is a web browser and an Internet connection. 

 xResolver was created primarily by parents who wanted a way to keep track of their children’s online activities. Many parents believe that monitoring kids’ Internet usage can help them avoid bad behavior online. This includes gambling, excessive gaming and other addictive tendencies. If you are worried about your child gambling online, using xResolver can help you limit your child’s access to websites with gambling content or games related to gambling. To create xResolver, Stephen Clark worked with parents through surveys and consultations before releasing the system for public use in 2016. Since then, many families have adopted this software for monitoring children’s Internet usage at home or at their workplace.

xResolver works by categorizing all of your child’s online activities on its website into different profiles. It then assigns your child a unique URL address that you can share with others if necessary. This allows you to easily monitor your child’s online activity at any time via your web browser. You can set daily limits on how much time your child spends on the Internet as well as limit which websites your child visits. Additionally, you can block particular games or apps altogether if needed via xResolver’s restrictions menu within your browser window. 

Although parental control systems like xResolver are more effective than other methods when it comes to keeping kids off the Internet, these systems aren’t always practical or suitable for every family situation 

xResolver has several benefits compared to other parental control methods such as web filters, time limits and app controls on mobile devices and gaming consoles 

1) It keeps kids off the Internet without affecting their daily life— Unlike other control systems, xResolver doesn’t limit access to social media websites since this doesn't affect daily life 

2) It keeps kids off addictive websites— Since it tracks all websites visited by a user, it helps keep kids away from addictive websites such as gambling sites and porn 

3) It limits kids' time spent playing games— By assigning unique URL addresses for each user, it keeps track of how much time each person spends on particular games or apps 

 Although there are several benefits associated with parental control systems such as xResolver, there are also some drawbacks that everyone should consider first before implementing them in their home environment. From the user standpoint— adopting such a system means sacrificing some privacy since everything they do online is now being monitored by parents or guardians alike  However, considering the alternatives— such a system would do away entirely with any idea of “online privacy", effectively turning every PC into an "always-on" government surveillance platform! So while these systems may appear ideal in concept— in reality they may very well end up being just another direct extension of Big Brother! 

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