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 In October 2018, the press buzzed about a liquidation company called WiBargain, which markets mystery boxes to famous people. These return boxes purportedly contain high-end items such as “GI Jane” T-shirts and leather key chains. Some critics noted that these boxes appeared to be cheaper than buying them at an online retailer, but more expensive than if you bought them at a physical store. Several influencers claimed to have purchase these mystery boxes and then dubbed them garbage after receiving higher-end items.

 Clearly, it’s possible to obtain better products at lower prices from liquidation companies — especially compared to buying from retail stores. However, there’s a common myth that purchasing a mystery box sells at a discount price. In fact, many believe that such boxes are a scam designed to lure unsuspecting consumers into buying their products at a discounted price. This idea is based on the notion that purchasing these boxes costs more money than if you had purchased them directly from the retailer. It’s also based on thinking that these companies send high-end items since they know that many consumers will refuse to buy them and opt for cash instead. 

To get a better grasp of what these mystery boxes really cost, it’s necessary to look at the real cost of obtaining one first. For starters, the actual price of obtaining a mystery box directly from the retailer can vary according to location, shipping costs and box quantity— depending on how it’s obtained. For example, if you purchase a mystery box from Amazon in New York City, your shipping fees will be higher than if you purchase one from Target in Kansas City. Based on this information, it makes sense that obtaining a mystery box would cost more money than if you had purchased it from Amazon directly because of shipping fees. In this instance, the cost of obtaining one would be known as the “real cost of a return box.” 

If we now look at this real cost of a return box against what some other people have claimed they paid when purchasing one, it becomes clear why some people believed they were being cheated. For example, one YouTube star paid $30 for her return box from WiBargain. She then claimed that each item she received was priced between $10-$20 and was custom made by the company she worked with. She added that she found no way to contact the company and had no way of knowing if her item was actually worth wearing or keeping. She concluded by explaining that she refused to pay any more money than she did for her return box and refused to buy another one from any company ever again. 

 A liquidation company isn’t trying to steal your money or tempt you with cheap products; they are only trying to make money like any other business. These companies arrange their products based on actual demand and consumer preferences— much like brick-and-mortar retail stores do— rather than charging lower prices in hopes of swindling consumers. As with any business model, there are costs associated with selling anything via an online marketplace— whether it be through a company or an individual retailer. That being said, many business models in today’s digital age rely on social media popularity for their success— and there’s nothing inherently wrong with advertising through influencers who are willing to play along. 

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