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Webtoon XYZ

Webtoon is a popular digital platform that allows users to read online comics. These comics are produced by Korean publishing companies, such as Daum and Naver, and syndicated via their portal sites. These stories are often based on popular comics from the past few years. Some of the most commonly read webtoons include Love and Hate Between Parents, The Chances of Living, Show Me the Money, Mr. Go Goes to Washington, and Jughead Joins the Navy. Webtoon is an excellent opportunity for novice or intermediate Korean language learners to familiarize themselves with Korean culture and language through popular cartoons.

 A webtoon consists of a series of panels on a continuous page format. Each panel typically has a caption, artwork, speech bubbles, and action cues. There is no word limit for webtoons— each comic can be as long as you want it to be. Typically, there is an option to save your webtoon to a computer or mobile device for later reading. You can also save your webtoon for later reading on another device if you have the app downloaded on that device. Webtoon is similar to an online comic strip in that it can be humorous or serious in tone. 

There are currently over 200,000 webtoons available on various websites. The top four webtoon portals in terms of number of subscribers are Naver’s Live Subscription (NLS), Daum’s Daum Webtoon (DWM), Webtoon’s KNP Webtoon (KWN) and Kakao’s Kakaowebtoon (KWA). Aside from a free library of webtoons, each portal site also offers Paid Subscriptions called “premium services” to supplement their offerings. To read premium content, you first need to set up a Naver or Daum ID account for free. Subscribing to premium services gives you access to unlimited access to all current and future webtoons from these brands. 

Webtoons are typically divided into several categories based on theme such as Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy and Horror. Some popular categories include School Life, Love Life and Food Life, among others. Each category has several subcategories that allow you to further customize your favorite comic’s storylines. For example, Food Life has subcategories such as Alcohol Life and Healthy Life where you can choose your favorite series based on food preferences such as sweet or spicy foods. In addition to online reading sites, there are also offline comic stores often located at major markets where you can purchase physical copies of your favorite webtoons.

 Webtoons provide a great cultural immersion tool for those interested in learning about Korean life and culture through fictional comics. Apart from providing entertainment through serialized stories, webtoons encourage language learning by providing vocabulary lessons and conversational prompts within each comic series. Furthermore, subscribing to any of the popular webtoon portals allows you unlimited access to all current or future comics from any Korean entertainment brand you choose. 

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