Viprow Me & 10+ Best Alternatives 

Viprow Me

Viprow is a content streaming platform that mainly offers sports content apart from TV channels and TV shows. The name of the platform is derived from the word “viprow” which refers to a person who has a lot of money. It was launched in 2015 by Thammasat University (TU). The streaming platform primarily caters to students, who can easily access sports and other educational content for free. Unlike Netflix, Viprow is available only in Thailand for now.

 Viprow offers sports content such as boxing matches and soccer games on its platform. It also has a selection of TV channels and TV shows that are available for streaming. Apart from that, the users can also download movies and series for offline viewing. The fact that Viprow mainly caters to Thai students makes it popular among them. Moreover, it also attracts international students, who prefer to stream Thai content via this app instead of Netflix.  

Viprow has a variety of TV channels and TV shows that are available for streaming on its platform. Besides the popular local channels such as Channel 7, NBT7 and A-Dive, Viprow also has international channels such as Eurosport 1 and ESPN+. It also has educational TV stations such as Thammasat University’s (TU) Student Union Television Station (SUTV). Apart from football games, boxing matches are streamed on Viprow as well. In addition to traditional broadcasts, Viprow also streams live events over the internet via LivestreamHD’s website— LivestreamHD App.

Viprow offers a wide range of content for free on its platform since all the contents are provided by the broadcasters themselves. Apart from national broadcasters such as NBT7 and A-Dive, there are also international broadcasters such as Eurosport 1, ESPN+ and Fox Sports Asia among others. Through this app, international students can easily access their favorite international schools’ broadcasts along with Thai ones through VPN servers instead of paying extra for subscriptions with their home ISPs. 

 Based on what has been mentioned above, it is evident that Viprow mainly offers sports content along with TV channels and shows for streaming purposes. It serves both Thai students and international students interested in watching Thai educational content instead of Netflix or other similar platforms instead of paying extra money for subscriptions with their home ISPs. Since it primarily caters to Thai students, it is not surprising that it attracts many users since Thai people believe in “โปรเคี้ยว”— luck— so they prefer apps that bring them good luck instead of bad luck! 

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