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 Under Armour is an American sportswear company that manufactures and sells sport shoes, apparel and accessories. The company gained a lot of popularity among young athletes and sports enthusiasts. Under Armour provides high-quality products at affordable prices. Under Armour’s primary focus is to design state-of-the-art athletic apparel for men, women, and children. Under Armour’s products are primarily made out of synthetic fibers and range from bold colors to subdued tones. Under Armour also makes athletic equipment for sports such as soccer and baseball. In addition, the company operates several training centers where athletes can train under the supervision of trainers or Under Armour staff. 

 Under Armour has become a global sports brand by producing high-quality athletic apparel with innovative features at reasonable prices. In 2014, Under Armour had sales of over $4 billion; the company has expanded its reach around the world by establishing branches in different countries. As a result of its successful branding strategy, Under Armour has become synonymous with quality and affordability in the sporting industries worldwide. In addition to expanding its retail network, Under Armour has launched exclusive partnerships with prestigious sports brands such as Jordan Brand and Tiger Woods Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Brand. 

Under Armour has revolutionized sports apparel by applying innovative technology to create performance shirts that wick sweat away from the body’s core to prolong comfort during workouts. The company’s first innovation was combining stretchable polyester with bonded moisturemanagement technologies in the 1990s to develop an effective performance shirt fabric system (FMS). By combining softness with breathability, sweat absorption and moisture transport properties, modern FMS fabrics enhance comfort during physical activity without overheating or dampening users’ bodies. With its next innovation— haptic technology— scientists used vibration feedback to enhance grip through seamless integration of textiles with silicon chips embedded into fabrics for additional grip when performing certain movements such as basketball dunks or baseball swings.  

Under Armour has increased sales by creating a loyal customer base through frequent product updates, promotional activities, and discounts for loyal customers via their mobile apps or on their website. Because they apply cutting-edge technology in their sportswear designs, they are constantly creating new products that make athletes look good while maintaining efficiency during intense workouts. To increase customer loyalty, Under AUter offers free shipping over $50 since most customers purchase multiple items at once— an effective business model that attracts customers worldwide.

 For decades, Under Armour has been designing athletic gear that revolutionized sports fashion both locally and internationally — making them one of the most successful sportswear companies in history. By applying cutting-edge technology to produce affordable sportswear for amateur athletes worldwide, Under AUment attracts a loyal customer base comprising young enthusiasts who want to look good while excelling in their sports competitions or physical activities. 

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