Tumbex & 10+ Best Alternatives




Tumblogging is a term used to represent the act of documenting one’s life on the web using the blogging platform known as tumblr. Users can write, share and comment on their blog posts. Tumblogging has become very popular in the past few years and it is gaining more attention by the day. There are some numerous benefits associated with tumblogging; these include greater access to information, a feeling of nostalgia for a more simple lifestyle and networking possibilities. The word “tumblog” comes from the words “tune” and “blog” and was first coined in 2003 by Marc Capitani. From there, the platform gained popularity when it was introduced to the public in 2007 by David Karp.

 Blogging service tumblr was first hosted in 2007 by Justin Karp and now serves approximately 60 million blogs. It is quite popular among teenagers and college students as it allows them to express themselves creatively. The platform is especially beneficial for writers as it allows users to easily publish their thoughts and ideas. This is in contrast to traditional word processing programs where users spend hours formatting their work before uploading it to the web. Tumbloggers are able to leave behind a much richer record of their lives than their formal documentation would indicate. 

The website’s name is an acronym pronounced like a contraction of “mess”. In Latin, “messor” means “throw away” or “discard”, which relates to the fact that many tumbloggers simply throw away their old entries when they start new blogs. It is interesting that this name relates back to what we do with our lives— document our thoughts and experiences through our blogs. The name also relates to memory recall— when you revisit your thoughts through your blog, you can almost feel like you are walking through a memory palace of your past experiences.

Another unique aspect of tumblr is that these platforms are known as “tumblr blogs” or just “tumblr blogs” instead of tumblogs or tumbloggers. This may seem confusing at first but it makes sense if you think about it. A typical blog focuses on a particular subject whereas a tumblog focuses on documenting life from multiple points of view. Many people find it easier to think about their life from a single point of view when they are documenting it on a blog rather than sharing it through several platforms like tumblr. However, others prefer the extra flexibility that comes with being able to present multiple points of view on their blogs. Essentially, this means that both types of blogs exist side-by-side on the internet— some people just choose to call one type of blog a different name than the other does. 

 Tumblogging is an extremely beneficial act since it allows us to document our thoughts and experiences with greater detail than formal documentation allows. Budding writers can benefit from this approach since they have greater control over how they present their thoughts online. Likewise, these thought processes can be applied retroactively when revisiting your past thoughts through your blog; this leads to you having richer memories of your past experiences once you have documented enough of them to provide context. 

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