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 The mass media— primarily television, radio and newspapers— collectively play a key role in shaping public opinion. They’re used as a tool by governments to manipulate the minds of citizens and to spread propaganda. Generally, the more free and prosperous a country is, the less effective its mass media become in spreading its views to the masses. This is because the wealthy are able to purchase only reliable sources of information. In other words, when you have enough money to buy a newspaper or a TV program, you also have enough money to suspend your mind from being molded by mass media propaganda.

 Today’s mass media act as a left-wing propaganda machine that focuses on creating and maintaining public opinion. They constantly bombard us with political advertising and programming that furthers the agendas of any given country’s ruling party. For example, the party in power will frequently air positive advertisements about itself while suppressing negative news stories. The mass media also serve as a direct pipeline between governments and citizens— both can easily pass along their opinions without repercussions. This is because anyone with enough money can buy a television station or newspaper and airs or publishes whatever they wish.

The historically left-leaning media often fail to report on stories from a conservative perspective. A prime example of this is the mainstream media’s failure to cover former FBI director James Comey’s recent testimony before Congress. In this instance, it seems as if journalists were more interested in promoting rumors about President Trump’s alleged ties to Russia than they were in reporting on facts evident in public testimony. While not all news organizations are guilty of this, it is clear that many major outlets are run by people with liberal political leanings who are more than willing to ignore anything antithetical to their ideologies. This phenomenon contributes to the growing distrust between the public and the mass media as average citizens begin to realize that what they see on television rarely reports facts from a conservative perspective.

What this means for you is that you should always be skeptical of what you see on television and in print whenever there is conflicting or uncertain evidence supporting it. This should apply both to news reports and advertisements; you should always question whether something you see or hear has been unbiasedly reported or is simply presenting your government’s point of view. To do this is to take advantage of a major advantage that those with enough money have over everyone else. Instead, it’s far better to use that mindset to interpret what you see for what it really is— left-wing propaganda — instead of allowing yourself to be continually misled by it.

 The news plays an important role in shaping our opinions and beliefs as they relate to current events taking place worldwide. Therefore, it’s important that we interpret the news without letting it influence us through propaganda. A conservative mindset allows you to interpret current events through a lens of common sense and logical thinking; this perspective helps you gain an accurate idea of what’s happening in the world around you. 

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