Speedwrite & 10+ Best Alternatives




Speedwriting is an effective technique to develop a good command of the English language. It was popularized by American author and speech teacher Elwyn Berrien in his 1945 book Stop-Smashing Your Words. Breaking down each step, he introduced the concept of “speedwriting” to the world. Nowadays, many people learn how to become speedwriters by practicing with a stroke or by studying manuals. Here are some ways that speedwriting can improve your writing skills.

 First, speedwriting helps you develop good oral and written communication skills. It blocks out bad habits such as handwriting or typing slower than you can speak. It also improves your grammar, punctuation and spelling— by forcing you to have a clear and consistent mindset when writing. The result is clear, grammatically correct and well-structured sentences that are easy to read. In addition, learning how to write faster can make you more organized and may help you avoid procrastination.

Another way that speedwriting improves your writing skills is by preventing errors in the initial drafting phase. When you first start generating text, it’s easy to make mistakes due to unfamiliarity with the process. This is called “automation failure” or “passive avoidance of failure” as coined by Berrien in his classic book Stop-Smashing Your Words. To overcome this, you should familiarize yourself with all aspects of the writing process before attempting to speedwrite. For example: brainstorming, organizing thoughts into a coherent paragraph, finding words for this structure and so on. Once you have a solid grasp of the entire process, you will be much less likely to make mistakes when writing your first draft.

Speedwriting can also help with your creative blocks— especially if you have writer's block in general. Instead of wasting time on your writing, try speedwriting instead. As you generate text at an increasing pace, your mind will become more engaged and ideas will flow. This makes it easy to finish your work since you no longer have writer's block preventing you from working on your writings. In addition, after generating text at a fast pace, it’s easy to slow down and review what you just wrote before continuing with the next step in the process. This helps with both editing and future revisions so that your work is as accurate and meaningful as possible.

 Anyone who wants to improve their writing skills should familiarize themselves with the concept of speedwriting; it makes learning and achieving fluency much easier and more effective. Focusing on setting goals early also helps with ensuring that there is something for you to do once you have mastered the basics of the process. Many people learn how to become fastwriters through practice— but there are also plenty of manuals available for those who are looking for guidance in their learning process. 

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