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 Smite is a third-person online multiplayer video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios. In other words, it is the most popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game in the world. Players choose one of the character classes to play a guardian deity in combat with other players. The game has several variants like casual, ranked, and competitive. Each variant requires a different playing strategy as every player has different preferences. The competitive variant is more complex than the others since it requires extensive knowledge of the game’s mechanics and strategies. A popular website,, offers detailed information on how to play Smite and achieve victory!

 Smite source outlines the Gods and their characteristics so that players can easily understand how to play each character class. Every God has strengths and weaknesses; for example, Odin is a high damage Deal God but lacks crowd control abilities. The website also gives recommendations on which God to pick depending on your playing style. For example, if you prefer fast-paced gameplay then Hel can be a good choice since she can run faster than other characters. You can also choose to play a hybrid build between two Gods if you are new to the game or simply want an increased chance of success! 

Next, you must determine which build would suit your preferences based on the Gods’ characteristics. There are several builds that incorporate the same abilities but emphasize different aspects of your character’s abilities. A quick example would be Sun Wukong with his double jump and Forked Lightning ability— he specializes in dealing heavy damage to isolated targets while scaling well into the late game. Note that certain abilities have limited uses per clip; be sure to consider this when choosing your build as it will affect how you allocate points into each ability! Additionally, don’t forget that certain items synergize well with your chosen build— try out different items until you find one that works for you! 

Finally, know when to react in combat as there are several elements that affect your performance in Smite! For instance, there are three types of buffs available during combat— armor reduction, health gain and bonus damage gainer stacks (BDS). Armor reduction slows down enemy characters when applied at low armor levels; apply this when trying to finish off isolated targets or reduce their armor before finishing them off with bonus damage gainer stacks! Health gain increases your own health by a percentage during combat; increase this percentage when fighting defensively or aggressively depending on what your strategy is! 

 Becoming proficient at playing Smitser is no easy task— but once you do it can lead to tremendous fun and success! The strategies outlined above will help you find success in Smite; but beware; no one strategy works for everyone! As Winston Churchill once said “I am always ready to fight not only the prejudices but the stupidities… of those who think differently” (quote taken from here). Always test new strategies against what YOU know works for YOU before applying them on unsuspecting players! Good luck out there Guardian Angel! 

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