Slidesgo & 10+ Best Alternatives


Slidesgo is an essential part of any educational presentation. This makes it essential that educators use a similar platform to create engaging presentations for their students. Slidesgo is a unique platform that allows users to share presentations, create their own presentations and engage with other users. However, the platform’s features are only accessible with Premium licenses. This has made it inaccessible for many teachers who want to use this platform in their classrooms. 

 Slidesgo is primarily used to share presentations. These can be saved to a user’s account and shared on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Additionally, these can be printed as handouts for students to follow along with during class time. Presentations can also be saved as slideshows for offline viewing. Many users share their presentations on social media platforms using the app or save them as screenshots on their computers or phones. For example, Hillary Clinton shared her 2017 State of the Union address using Slidesgo. This demonstrates how useful this app can be during class time. 

Another use for Slidesgo is in creating presentations itself. Presentations created using the app can be saved as slides and shared with other users through SlideShares. Users can also edit slides before saving them as new presentations or sharing them on SlideShares. In addition, presentations created on Slidesgo can be shared on Apple’s iBooks via AirPlay if users have an iPad or iPhone running iOS 11+ installed at school. This allows teachers to share their work easily with students who have Apple devices at school. 

Finally, Slidesgo can also be used to share presentations and slides simultaneously with fellow educators using the app’s Group feature called “Slidesgo Teams” (1). Teachers can use this feature during class time so that students know what they will cover in their next lesson and have enough time to review the material beforehand. They then send the presentation link to all of their students via a text message or email so that they can follow along during class time together. Grouping together enhances communication between instructors and their students, which is why many educational institutions use this tool in classroo t .

 Although Slidesgo does offer some unique features compared to other presentation platforms, its accessibility has been hindered by its Premium pricing scheme . Most educators cannot afford these fees, so they are unable to incorporate this platform into their teaching strategy . Furthermore, sharing a presentation on social media is far more effective than sharing it only through a file transfer protocol (FTP) link— especially when involving younger audiences who are more accustomed to sharing via social media channels . Therefore, major companies like Google should consider creating an educational version of Google Drive so that educators can more easily incorporate it into their classroom practices without sacrificing funding themselves . 

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