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 Mangago is a manga fan site and is a non-profit website dedicated to serving visitors with quality written manga news, reviews, and interviews plus. Mangago was launched in February 2009 by a group of 10 college students as a response to the many difficulties they faced as avid manga readers. Since then, the website has grown to become a popular destination for fans of all different manga genres.

 First, Mangago is an online community where manga fans can discuss and share their thoughts about manga. Currently, the website has a membership of over 70,000 users who are passionate about manga. Members of Mangago can share funny memes, create and vote on manga rankings, post manga reviews, ask questions and request new manga chapters. In addition to reading and discussing different manga series, members can also watch anime episodes from popular series such as One Piece and Naruto. 

Mangago was launched as a non-profit website by a group of volunteers in February 2009. The group started to run the website in their free time after finding that it was difficult to purchase good manga online. They quickly realized that there were many avid manga readers who were interested in reading about new series but did not have the money to do so. Because of this, Mangago was founded on the principle of providing free access to good quality online manga resources for its members. In order to do this, the volunteer group works closely with mangakas so that they can update mangago regularly with fresh content. 

Over time, Mangago has grown to become a popular manga community because it provides users with many helpful services such as its frequent manga updates and user-created content. Users also benefit from having an easy way to find new manga chapters and access user-uploaded subtitles for anime episodes. Another reason why people enjoy using Mangago is because it is very organized— each category is clearly labeled so that users can easily browse content relevant to their interests. In addition, human moderators monitor the forums regularly and remove unhelpful posts or spam comments so that users have a pleasant experience while using Mangago’s services. 

 All things considered, Mangago is an excellent resource for fans of different types of manga since it provides its users with many helpful services and allows them to interact with other fans via shared interests. Moreover, by being non-profit, the website gives back to its members by providing free access to good quality online manga resources. Ultimately, if you are a fan of any type of manga and would like to interact with others who have similar interests, Mangago is worth checking out! 


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