Simon Parkes & 10+ Best Alternatives

Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes is a British journalist who has been writing for the past 20 years. His passion in life is connecting people with the latest news. He believes we are all connected to one another and can only experience peace if we learn to communicate effectively. To that end, Parkes has created a new website called that aims to educate people about current world events. The site focuses on current affairs and provides timely information for its readers.

 Simon Parkes’ career as a journalist started at the age of 20 when he joined the Financial Times in London as a trainee reporter. He worked hard to gain experience and became a staff writer at the age of 25. At 28 years old, Parkes was offered a job at Reuters as an editor. After 13 years there, he moved to Bloomberg News as editorial director in 2016 where he now works as an editor-in-chief. Before starting his new website, Parkes was also a fan of Connecting Consciousness and liked what he saw on Connected Consciousness TV. He then created to help humanity connect with the information they need to make informed decisions. 

To communicate effectively, Simon Parkes believes we should focus on three things: humanity, authenticity and simplicity. Our humanity is defined by our shared consciousness and willingness to communicate with others peacefully. We should communicate our thoughts clearly so others can understand us and make decisions accordingly. We should also be genuine in our communications so people know if what we say is genuine or ulterior motives behind it. Lastly, we should use simple communication when educating others about world events since this makes it easier for them to comprehend what’s happening around them 

 The idea that we are all connected by our shared consciousness is a powerful concept that can bring us together for peace and prosperity if we choose to implement it correctly   . Simon Parkes has done just that by creating—a platform dedicated to educating people about important news so they can better navigate the world they live in! 

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