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As a nation, we are facing a major immigration crisis. In the past few decades, the number of illegal immigrants living in the U.S. has skyrocketed to 11 million. Many politicians in both major parties want to change this, but they differ on how to do so. Some believe that immigration is too high and needs to be reduced; others believe it’s too low and needs to be increased. Considering the tension surrounding this subject, it’s no wonder that many people have strong opinions on this issue. In this article, you will learn what viewpoints exist among prominent conservatives, populists and moderates on immigration, as well as how these viewpoints compare to those held by liberals on the same issue.

 The three main viewpoints on the right on the issue of immigration are: 

1. Decrease immigration and take steps to deport illegal immigrants already in the country. This approach is held by libertarians who believe that less government regulation will mean more opportunity for immigrants in general. From this viewpoint, decreasing immigration is not necessarily hateful — it’s a way for all immigrants to gain legal status and a better life for themselves and their families. The conservative John Randolph Churchill once said that “it is better for them [all immigrants] to wait till there are more of them than there are of us; then they will win.” 

2. Increase immigration and take steps to give legal status to illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S.. This approach is held by classical liberals who believe that individual rights should be protected at all costs— even if it means granting large groups of foreigners access to those rights. From this viewpoint, accepting large numbers of foreigners who broke our laws would violate our founding principles if done by any government official at any time in our history— but it’s acceptable when promoted by conservatives who prefer smaller government and lower taxes under free enterprise principles . 

3. Reduce or eliminate visas entirely for certain groups such as unskilled workers or migrants seeking asylum from war-torn countries . From this viewpoint, reducing or eliminating visas disproportionately hurts certain ethnic groups or regions where populism thrives (such as Europe). Doing so also encourages mass migration from poorer countries toward richer ones — which can create greater economic disparity between ghettos and towns where migrants settle . This approach is not necessarily hateful — it’s a way for all immigrants to gain legal status without overburdening taxpayers with additional social services they don’t want or need . 

 When looking at these viewpoints from different perspectives — such as how they relate to libertarian vs . classical liberal vs . populist values — one can see that many conservatives hold similar views toward some aspects of immigration policy compared with liberals on other aspects of immigration policy . However , when looking at these viewpoints from an immigrant’s perspective , one can see how an increase in open borders policies would put him at an even greater disadvantage compared with current citizens under current laws . Based on these viewpoints , here are some proposals for both sides aimed at achieving compromise: 

American conservatives: Increase visas for skilled workers but decrease them significantly for unskilled workers (similarly , reduce citizenship incentives). Grant legal status only after 12 months of work under strict rules enforced by local law enforcement agencies— including background checks and mandatory interviews with family members abroad . Deny legal status or citizenship if an applicant breaks any law while living legally in America (examples include tax evasion or driving while under the influence ). Granting citizenship would also include requirements such as passing English tests, paying taxes , etc.. For those whose family members live abroad , grant them 3-year temporary residency permits with no right to work during that time without local approval first . For those who do not meet these requirements , deny them citizenship altogether until they can improve their behavior toward Americans first toward Americans towards immigrants alike . 

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