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Real Raw News

Real Raw News is a news site that is completely different from the mainstream media. The site focuses on real news and candid interviews with thought leaders. The topics covered by the site include politics, economics, current events and social issues. Real Raw News is owned and operated by Michael Baxter, a former mainstream journalist and former English teacher.

 Real Raw News is a non-profit news source. The site operates on a subscription model where users pay for access to exclusive content. The site provides an array of unique features such as daily email newsletters, social media feeds, podcast episodes and live webinars. Users can also connect with other like-minded people through the forum sections and chat rooms. The website has 7 million monthly visitors from over 150 countries worldwide. 

Real Raw News is not a paid advertising site. Google ranks Real Raw News lower than other major news sources websites because of this fact. Paid advertising can have negative effects on content quality and user engagement rates. Further, Google penalizes websites that use its ad platform excessively in an attempt to rank their content higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). In contrast, RRN does not need to rely on Google AdSense or other third-party advertising platforms to generate income for the site’s owner.

Real Raw News is not a government propaganda outlet . Government propaganda often misleads the public by presenting half-truths as facts and by omission of important facts or viewpoints that contradict its agenda. RRN aims to present facts honestly without any political bias or agenda— this approach helps create greater global understanding among readers worldwide. Since it’s inception in 2012, Real Raw News has generated over 160 million global views via its YouTube channel alone. 

 Real Raw News stands apart from other major news sources due to its focus on raw facts rather than spin or opinionated reporting. As an alternative media outlet, RRN provides a platform for independent thinkers to share their thoughts with the world without censorship or political bias interference from gatekeepers such as CNN or Fox News.

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