MusicallyDown & 10+ Best Alternatives


MusicallyDown is an online tool that allows you to download videos from the Tik Tok platform, without all the watermarking and copyright issues that most services do. It is a good way to access Chinese music without any problems.

 In 2017, Tik Tok launched in China— making it the first centralized social media platform catering to the Chinese market. The Chinese government immediately imposed strict regulations on the app. This was because they feared that it would cause social instability and reduce the authority of their laws. However, despite these regulations, the Chinese people have become reliant on Tik Tok. They use it as a form of entertainment and communication. 

The Chinese use Tik Tok as a tool to promote the Chinese nationalism. They post nationalist-themed dances and songs to build up the country’s pride. These songs are often super cheesy and don’t represent Chinese culture very well. There are even parody versions where Chinese people dance with foreigners or mockery towards their government. It’s sad how easily people turn a tool meant for fun and communication into something negative and offensive.

Apart from that, Chinese people also use it for fun and entertainment purposes. For example, they use it to post memes and share jokes amongst each other. Or they use it to upload songs with lyrics criticizing their country’s leaders or customs. That goes against what the platform was designed for— but many users have found a way around that by using it for personal vendettas or propaganda instead. 

 While many people find great utility in Tik Tok, others abuse the platform by misusing it for their own agendas. As an example, many users uploaded nationalist songs that further widened division between China and other countries. At the same time, many users used it as a means of communication or enjoyment, which further proved its worth in today’s society. 

Best Alternatives Of MusicallyDown :