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 MP3PM is a portal that allows you to freely stream and download music. Songs are categorized by genre, singer and album. From there, you can also search for songs by specific artists or related searches like “Playback of the Week.” A subscription is required to access more music channels and to save songs for offline listening.

 MP3PM has a large collection of music files to choose from. You can find songs by popular artists, new releases, playlists for every occasion and much more. Songs are also sorted into different genres— such as hip-hop, rock, electronic and many more. You can also double click on any song title to listen to a preview of the song before downloading. You can even save your favorite songs to your personal music player where you can listen to them offline.

While you are browsing through the wide array of music files, you can also access detailed information about each song. For example, you can see the song’s length and its rating on a scale of one star (lowest) to five stars (highest). You will also notice song information such as the artist’s name, the album title, the release date and the genre. There is also information about singers and the songs they contributed to; this includes their name, image and their ratings from other users. 

MP3PM is a great source for discovering new music by artists you like or discovering new albums by your favorite singers. Since every song is categorized by genre, it’s easy to find songs you will enjoy listening to. You can also search by related terms such as “playback of the week.” This feature allows you to create an on-demand playlist based on your favorite songs; this feature is only available with a paid account. 

Another great feature of MP3PM is adding songs to your offline music library. Most free accounts allow 10 downloads per day; however, premium accounts unlock unlimited downloads so you can add as many songs as you want to your library. You can also select which albums from your library you would like to hear next; this is very useful if you have a large music collection and would like to listen to specific albums at any time.

 MP3PM offers a unique portal for people who love music. It allows them to freely stream or download any kind of music without restrictions or fees. Songs can be saved for offline listening in an organized playlist format with detailed information about every song. Plus, adding songs to your library is easy with a premium account once you unlock unlimited downloads for free accounts. 

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