Monkeytype & 10+ Best Alternatives


MonkeyType is a fun and customisable typing website that teaches you to type faster, better and with more accuracy. It is a great way to improve your typing skills and focus on your academics. It allows you to track your progress, set goals, compete with friends and earn achievements. MonkeyType has over a million users worldwide and is an ideal way to stay focused and organized throughout the year.

 MonkeyType is a customisable typing website that you can use on any device. It consists of a set of customisable training games, reminders and an achievement system. All the lessons are available offline too. You don’t need an internet connection to use MonkeyType as it works just fine offline. Plus, there are no ads or in-app purchases as it’s completely free! You can access your games from any web browser by creating an account on 

You can start using MonkeyType by choosing a mode— Beginner, Normal or Expert— based on your typing skills. The lessons in each mode are tailored towards that mode’s difficulty level and teach you typing techniques accordingly. Most of the lessons are done through fun games such as word puzzles or memory games that progressively make you better at typing. Other than that, there are weekly quizzes where you have to complete certain objectives to earn points for extra training and awards. Aside from that, there are daily reminders where you have to complete minor objectives for extra training points. The amount of training offered is enough for long-lasting improvements in your typing speed and accuracy!

MonkeyType trains you in various ways such as giving tips for better accuracy or showing you how to type faster using special characters or shortcuts. There are also weekly competitions where you can compare your results with other users worldwide via time trials or keyboard strokes earned per minute (KPE). You can also upload screenshots of your achievements using the social features or post them anywhere with KPE! All the competitions are global since users worldwide compete via the same website 

 Overall, MonkeyType is an ideal way to improve your keyboarding skills while staying focused on your studies. It has various modes, weekly competitions, daily reminders and more; it’s easy to use and suits anyone looking for help with their typing skills! 

Best Alternatives Of Monkeytype :