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 The word “manga” is Japanese for “comic.” It is a type of Japanese art that has gained immense popularity worldwide in the past 70 years. Manga fans are also referred to as “otaku.” Fans of all ages and walks of life have adopted manga as their favorite art form and literature genre. Today, manga and manga fans are evergreen in the world of culture and entertainment.

 In the West, the word “manga” is usually associated with Japanese comic books or animation; however, this is not always true. In Japan, the word “manga” can refer to comics, graphic novels, anime or even to internet games. Cultures embrace manga when it fits with their beliefs and traditions. For example, in China, where comics were banned by the Communist government for decades, a Chinese translation of The Jungle Book helped inspire an entire generation through animation. The global community has adopted manga from Japan— both aesthetically and informally— due to its intrinsic qualities such as artistic expression and dynamic storytelling.

When referring to the global expansion of manga, it is essential to note that many fan-driven initiatives have contributed significantly to this growth. For example, international conferences promoting manga have increased awareness about this genre among publishers and investors alike. Additionally, fans have been a driving force behind the worldwide expansion of the manga industry via digital platforms such as smartphones and tablets. Additionally— and unlike other art forms — fans can freely distribute their work across international borders via online distributors like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (ADP). As a result, many global superstars gain popularity among fans all over the world via localized versions of international publications like Weekly Shonen Jump or Dragon Ball Z (DBZ).

Manga fans have also contributed to the worldwide expansion of the manga industry by reading, writing and talking about manga online via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They also contribute financially to help fund their favorite authors on websites like Patreon or Kanojo no Starchamp (KNS). These fans are so dedicated that they even cosplay as their favorite characters at anime conventions around the world! These dedicated fans have brought joy to readers all over the world through a growing global literature genre that encapsulates Japanese culture perfectly!

 A global interest in Japanese comics has led to an ever-expanding field for talented artists who produce manga regularly priced at $2-5 per chapter in digital formats or $10-20 per chapter in print editions worldwide. Currently valued at $15 billion annually, the worldwide value of this industry closely mirrors that of Hollywood — an already well-established industry — whose yearly sales reach $20 billion or so...! 

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