LiveLeak & 10+ Best Alternatives


 LiveLeak was a website where users had the opportunity to upload videos onto the internet. Videos were categorized into different categories such as news, sports, entertainment, social life and many more. Users had the option to share links through social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Essentially, users could easily share videos from around the world with the convenience of a web browser.

 LiveLeak is owned by CNH Global and was founded in 2008 in London. The website was created by seven young web developers who wanted to make video sharing easier for the general public. There were several similar websites that had been shut down in recent years due to copyright infringement. After creating their website, the LiveLeak team decided to sell it to an investor for £1.6 million. The chosen investor became the owner of the website after paying an upfront fee via a website service provider (SSP). There are only two companies that possess this license and are allowed to monetize sites which have high web traffic. 

LiveLeak gained popularity very quickly; it was one of the first websites that made it easy for users to upload videos online. It was also one of the first websites to have a short video format— that is, less than 30 seconds long. In addition, LiveLeak was one of the very few websites where users could upload videos anonymously. This made it easy for users to post entertaining and newsworthy videos without being identified by others or their government agencies. Unfortunately, this anonymity has led to some illegal activities on liveleak, including animal poaching and drug smuggling. 

After receiving funding from investors and selling the site to a SSP company, the LiveLeak team launched an advertising campaign on Facebook in order to generate revenue for their website. Although this worked initially, LiveLeair eventually shut down due to financial issues after being purchased by a third party company known as Global-Promotion-Group (GPU). GPU incorporated LiveLeak’s servers into their own and then sold them off to a third party company— this is how it was possible for a third party company to purchase LiveLeak’s servers and shut down its operations.

Since LiveLeak shut down, its website has now been used by several other organizations— mostly those similar to its original purpose. For example, there is currently a liveleak website that is similar in function but is hosted in Russia by Yandex (not related to the original company). In addition, there is also an American version of liveleak that allows users to upload videos anonymously just like before. 

 Although many people used LiveLeag’s unique platform when sharing videos online, it eventually closed down due to copyright infringement issues. Unfortunately, several other websites have now taken up LiveLeag’s original purpose since its demise. User concerns like copyright infringement and short video formats still plague online video platforms despite how easy they make sharing videos with friends possible. 

Best Alternatives Of LiveLeak :