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 The term anonymous refers to someone or something that does not have a name. In the past, communication was limited to writing letters, so the sender’s identity was irrelevant. However, modern communication through social media has brought about concerns regarding user anonymity. The concept is to create an online space where people can communicate without fear of being identified by corporations or agencies. One such online space is leafed out.

 In order to explore a place and meet new people, many people have used leafed out. The main concept of the app is to create a map based on where people have recently smoked weed. The app uses GPS and camera data to notice when users light up a joint. When they do, the app records their location and timestamps it to create a history of the person’s movements. This allows other users to see where someone has been and what they did there. The user can choose to share their activity with groups, ; but by default all their activity is anonymous. 

Leaed out makes use of two kinds of data— historical maps and GPS coordinates — to create a timeline of a user’s activities. For example, if someone visited multiple marijuana dispensaries within a short time span, this would stand out on a historical map. Similarly, if they visited several different parks in a short period of time, this would also be easily noticeable by leafed out users. Users can then compare their timelines with others and discuss them publicly on the app’s web forum. This way users can learn from each other’s experiences without giving away personal information about their habits and whereabouts.

The obvious benefit of having an anonymous map based app is that it protects your privacy when you are exploring new places or doing mundane tasks like walking around town or commuting to work. However, there are also some fun features that you can use when you are on the app. You can add comments, create trails and post photos using the mobile app as well as the web site at www.LeafedOut.org. Other features include marking your locations on an interactive map and seeing what other people have done at the same location within a short period of time. Plus, you can join clubs where you can meet like-minded people and socialize while doing what you love most— smoking weed!

When creating leafed out, it was important that the data collected be legal and ethical so that users would feel safe regarding its use. That being said, there are still ways to help support the application that reduce its impact as a marijuana law enforcement tool. One thing you can do is not post pictures of yourself while high or in possession of marijuana; this makes it harder for authorities to identify users through Geolocation technology and facial recognition software. Additionally, make sure that if you leave any Latitude or Longitude on Leafed Out it is appropriate for your location so that your mapping does not help law enforcement pinpointing marijuana smokers nationwide.

 As marijuana smokers nationwide increasingly use leafed out for anonymous weed sessions, it will become easier for them to learn about new places where they can purchase marijuana legally. This will help keep marijuana legal where it is accepted in most states; however, users should still be mindful of how they interact with local marijuana laws when using leafed out. 

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