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 KissAnime was an anime-focused file streaming website that hosted links and embedded videos, allowing users to stream or download movies and TV shows illegally for free. It was founded in 2013 by Alexander Matsegora, who operates the website from Belarus. At its peak, KissAnime had over 200,000 users and more than 1 billion views. However, the site faced a number of controversies, and was eventually shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in 2014.

 When KissAn , as the site was formerly known, first launched, it had only a few thousand users who streamed anime for free on their computers. It gained popularity among anime fans in just a few months and expanded its operations to include tablet-based streaming as well. One of the reasons why this website attracted so many users so quickly is that it allowed users to freely stream anime episodes directly from their web browsers. In addition, it allowed them to easily download anime episodes onto their devices— an especially enticing feature since most anime episodes are around 12 MB each. Installations were typically done via an .iso file that contained all of the necessary software for users to watch anime on their devices. This convenience led to a large user base, which made KissAnime a viable business model for Matsegora. 

KissAnime’s popularity was driven by its user-friendly interface, but its rapid growth also encouraged illegal downloads on popular platforms such as BitTorrent. By making watching anime free and accessible on the web, KissAnime created a demand for pirated content among their users— this trend is similar to how Netflix became so popular in the first place. However, KissAnime’s popularity did not go unnoticed by law enforcement agencies in China or Russia. In Russia, police frequently raided KissAnime servers looking for copyrighted material to take down or replace with pirated content of their choosing. While these raids could be frustrating for fans of legal anime, these heavy-handed tactics did help get KissAnime off the ground— once authorities realized how easily they could sway fans’ preferences away from licensed content and toward pirated ones.

Unfortunately for KissAnime’s fans and creators alike, MPAA agents notified Matsegora that he would no longer be able to host infringing material on his server. Matsegora relocated the website's hosting service in Europe but was unable to prevent authorities from seizing his server hardware in Belarus. This abrupt shutdown took place three months after KissAnime first launched back in 2013 and resulted in hundreds of thousands of illegally downloaded episodes being no longer available online. Although KissAnime is no longer in operation today, its legacy lives on in other ways thanks to its popularity among anime fans. The site still flows through both licit and illicit avenues for viewers; however, users are now aware enough of legal streaming websites such as Netflix that they choose not to go through illegal means when seeking out new shows or episodes. 

 Although many believe that KissAnime brought great things to their fandom, it ’ s closure proved otherwise— fans ended up following the same methods they used before the site’s launch to watch anime shows online. KissAnime is often credited with bringing legal streaming options into the mainstream for today’s avid viewers; this makes it especially disappointing that it could not continue without heavy interference from the MPAA . 

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