Kemono Party & 10+ Best Alternatives

Kemono Party is a Japanese online community for fans of Japanese animated media, also known as “kemono-titles.” The site offers an interface for browsing and interacting with content from different kemono-titles, such as a virtual gift shop and chat rooms. However, also offers a variety of additional features to appeal to both its patrons and the general public. To this end, the site can be considered a public archiver for various media platforms, including Patreon; Pixiv Fanbox; Gumroad; SubscribeStar; DLsite; Discord; Fantia and other social media sites. is owned by Fantia Inc., a company that focuses on providing quality content through its website.

 As a public archiver, offers users the option to access its contents through several different platforms, such as web browsers and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. The site also supports Apple’s News app as well as Amazon’s Kindle app so that users can access the site from their respective devices instead of their personal computers. Users can also download’s contents directly to their mobile device via the App Store or Google Play store depending on the platform they use to access the contents via their browser or phone app. 

Kemono-titles include numerous types of media genres such as action, character, drama, horror and music among others. As a public archiver for Patreon, enables patrons to view previously uploaded works without having to pay additional fees or purchase separate subscriptions to view each work individually. This allows fans to gain access to multiple works without having to commit additional funds or time beyond what they are currently spending on their patron account. As with any other online forum or community, users of have the option of trolling other members by posting offensive comments under assumed names or avatars— something that all internet trolls do regardless of where they are located in the world at any given time. These offensive comments are usually posted in private chat rooms so that only those who have consented to view these comments see these posts instead of being instantly shown by Google searches related to these trolls’ usernames when they post these comments under an assumed name or avatar on other internet forums where these trolls commonly post under an assumed name or avatar when trolling unsuspecting internet users everywhere via Google searches using popular internet slang terms like “slackjaw” and “oatmeal brains” among others that are commonly associated with these trolls’ offensive behavior when posting derogatory comments under an assumed name or avatar on various internet forums around the world at any given time period.— Dæmonology Skunkworks

 Although similar in concept to Reddit, VKontakte (VK), Twitter and Facebook— all websites popular with English-speaking internet users around the world— Kemono.potato has focused primarily on catering primarily towards fans of Japanese anime and manga media since it was established in 2009 as an alternative platform for anime fans living in Japan who wanted an online forum dedicated specifically towards these fans rather than one focused primarily towards Japanese pop culture in general since most English-speaking pop culture enthusiasts tend by default towards more American-centric platforms since American pop culture is more prevalent throughout the English-speaking world compared with Japanese pop culture which is more prevalent throughout Asia compared with America compared with English-speaking countries worldwide compared with Japan.

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