InStalker & 10+ Best Alternatives


Instagram stories are an interesting concept by the social network Instagram. Originally, users could post videos on Instagram that would disappear after 24 hours. However, shortly after Instagram’s introduction, users began to create stories that would remain on the page indefinitely. These stories became popular with consumers and now Instagram stories are a key part of the platform's user base.

 Instalkr is a great tool for users looking to view Instagram stories without sacrificing their anonymity. First of all, using Instagram is a voluntary choice— users can choose to follow or not follow specific accounts. Therefore, there’s no need to risk being followed by someone you don’t want to see your Instagram stories. You can also choose to follow other people if you want to view their stories— but that’s optional and gives you more control over what you see.

The interface for Instalkr is very simple and easy to use. You first select the country where you want to view Instagram stories from. Then, you select the type of account you’d like to view from the dropdown menu. This allows you to filter down your results based on the type of account you’d like to see. After that, you choose which accounts you’d like to view from the list available to you. Once you choose what accounts to view, Instalkr displays their Instagram stories directly on your computer or tablet interface. This gives you a great overview of what different users are posting on Instagram without compromising your privacy in any way.

Some online reviewers praise Instalkr for its user-friendliness and easy access to popular accounts. For example, an online reviewer from Ohio stated that “Instalkr is super intuitive and user-friendly” after choosing which account type he’d like to see from. The site also features a “hotlist” so that you can quickly view popular Instagram accounts without leaving your home. This makes it easy for anyone looking for a quick look at popular accounts without logging in or finding an account address.

 Although Instalkr has some drawbacks, it remains a popular service dedicated towards protecting its users’ privacy on Instagram stories. The site is easy to use and offers a good number of filters so that anyone can find what they're looking for. These features make it a great tool for anyone looking to quickly view Instagram stories without risking their account's privacy. 

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