Igtools & 10+ Best Alternatives



Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps. Millions of users take advantage of the app’s photo sharing capabilities. Unfortunately, many Instagram users find out through bitter experience that liking someone’s photo does not translate into having that user appreciate your contribution to the community. This can be a serious problem for budding social media stars who rely heavily on likes and views for popularity. 

 Although popular opinion tends to portray fake likes and views as malicious, there is a market for them. Igtools offers services such as fake likes and views on Instagram to supplement its growing number of real followers. The website claims to have over 5 million followers and is considered a legitimate app by Instagram. Users can purchase real followers for their profile or buy fake followers with disposable email addresses. Fake followers can boost your account’s credibility and make it seem more authentic to your followers.

Fake likes and views are delivered by Igtools employees with fake profiles that post photos with the hashtag #igtoknow. These photos have the caption “I know a secret!” The purpose of these posts is to appear as if an Instagram user knows something interesting about another user’s profile. This may convince other users to follow the “known user” and give them extra attention on Instagram. Subsequently, this will help with user engagement since users will be more likely to comment on a post when they see it from a “known user”.

The website boasts more than two million reviews — many of which praise its services for helping them gain more followers. While this may seem like a good thing, experts warn against following after real or fake users from Igtools. Doing so only attracts more attention to your account and can confuse your target audience about what you actually stand for. Instead, choosing an appropriate amount of engagement for your target demographic will help you gain new fans and followers without compromising your morals or credibility.

 Fake likes and views are popular because they boost a user’s account’s visibility on Instagram without compromising their image or integrity. However, these numbers should not be relied upon by new or aspiring social media users. Free followers from websites like Igtools only dilute your actual following base and can make you look less credible to others online. 

Best Alternatives Of Igtools :