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getepic.com is an award-winning subscription service that provides instant, unlimited access to thousands of books, videos, games and e-learning modules for children and adults. The company claims that they have made education super easy and accessible for everyone by simplifying and streamlining the process of acquiring quality educational resources. Their mission is to make learning fun and easy for everyone, especially those who have trouble concentrating or have learning disabilities.

 getepic.com was originally a subscription website that allowed users to purchase monthly subscriptions. Several years later, the company launched a new version of their website that allowed users to purchase annual subscriptions instead of monthly subscriptions. This change in subscription option allowed them to grow their user base significantly while also making their website more profitable. Over time, they have expanded their subscription options from monthly to annual, biennial and individual items. 

getepic.com has since expanded to a subscription service that allows users to purchase individual items. They claim that this change in business model has increased accessibility, made the experience more affordable and flexible for users, and improved the quality of each item purchased. Users can now browse hundreds of different books, videos, games and e-learning modules from various publishers and download items directly to their devices. They can also choose which items they would like to subscribe to and receive notifications when new items become available for free download.

The getepic.com subscription service offers millions of children and adults instant access to educational material of varying levels of difficulty. All users need is an internet connection and a device with suitable software in order to start browsing and downloading items on the getepic.com website. Users can browse through different children’s genres such as early reading material, social studies, science, arts and crafts, fitness and games based on age groups or interests. Different publishers offer different levels of quality in their educational materials— some are aimed at helping kids with dyslexia improve their reading skills while others are specifically designed for children with ADHD or learning disabilities. 

 getepic.com is an innovative online subscription service that allows users instant access to thousands of educational resources for kids of all ages and interests. A wide range of publishers offer thousands of high-quality resources aimed at helping any learner succeed in their academic pursuits. The company’s subscription model makes it easy for anyone to find quality educational material at a reasonable price point regardless of age or interest level. 

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