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Frank Speech

In the 1920s, newspaper magnate Edward H. Prouty created a new weekly publication that would become one of the longest running publications in America. His endeavor was called Frank Leslie’s Weekly and it was aimed at highlighting the humorous side of American life. Frank Leslie’s Weekly was hugely popular during its short run and its humor continued to be enjoyed by Americans for over a century. Following the success of Frank Leslie’s Weekly, other media corporations began to present a similar comedic outlook on American culture. These humorous news sources were often referred to as “prewar comedy” because they poked fun at America before World War I. These comedic outlooks continued after World War I and became known as “postwar comedy” because of its satirical views on post-war conditions. 

 Today, conservatives have the best and most reliable news sources on the Internet. In fact, there is a conservative movement in America that aims to instill conservative values in society and replace liberal ideology with conservatism. Their best sources of information are websites such as Fox News, The Daily Signal, and The Drudge Report. These news sources provide regular updates on current events, breaking news, and sports commentary— all told from a conservative perspective. In this way, America has a reliable source of information where all viewpoints are fairly represented. Moreover, these news sources are highly engaged on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter where they engage with their followers regularly. 

Unfortunately, not all news sources have been so willing to provide an unbiased viewpoint on current events. Over time, the popularity of political comic strips led publishers to create a new genre of American humor— which came to be known as “humor­­myth.” This new genre focused less on humorous views toward post-war conditions and more on humorous skewering of American politics and culture. As a result, many news publications began presenting biased perspectives toward American politics as if they were comedic outlooks on everyday American life. As time went on, this new form of humor became so widespread that comedians no longer had to parody real life scenarios in order to garner laughs— they could simply skewer current events in their own humorous way without any regard for truth either way. 

Today’s conservatives must be vigilant in order for the conservative movement to survive and thrive. They must ensure that any media outlet that presents content for or against their viewpoints does so in an impartial and unbiased manner. Furthermore, any new forms of entertainment created by conservatives must uphold conservative values— this includes video games, television shows, social media platforms or online games where users can create online communities for entertainment purposes. If consumers feel that any entertainment product does not uphold their values, it will threaten the very existence of conservatism in America.

 Today’s conservatives have some great news sources available to them that provide accurate and reliable information on current events. They also have popular satirical forms of humor available to them that aren’t meant to diminish cultural conditions but rather criticize liberal ideologies with a humorous twist. Unfortunately, not all news sources present an equal viewpoint toward current events; there is a responsibility among all Americans for preserving free speech when it comes to presenting ideas against prevailing public opinion. 

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