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Fox News

 In 1996, Fox News was launched as a conservative terrestrial news cable network by media magnate Rupert Murdoch. The channel’s tagline is “We report, you decide.” This describes the network’s dual functions—as a provider of news for the American public and an organization that provides a platform to voice and promote the views of its owners. Through this dual function, Fox News has gained a special place in American society.

 In its early days, Fox News’s programming consisted of live broadcasts from the Kennedy Space Center, interviews with astronauts and other space-related content. This was intended to demonstrate the network’s pro-American perspective. It also demonstrated that not all stories had to be mediated by media professionals— some could be experienced directly. In addition, this concept did much to propel the space exploration movement among American citizens. 

For many years, the mainstream media felt threatened by the creation of Fox News. In part due to its success, and in part due to the changing political landscape in America, many media organizations abandoned their centrist stances and began promoting a more conservative agenda. Further fueling this trend was the election of Donald Trump as president in 2016— an election which saw many traditionally liberal states elect Republican representatives for the first time in decades. Consequently, many in the mainstream media have openly criticized Fox News, accusing it of manipulating viewers through biased reporting and commentary. While these accusations are not wholly unfounded, it should be noted that these same media outlets did not create a platform for liberal alternative perspectives while they still held sway over public opinion.

According to Nielsen Media Research, as of 2018, Fox News is watched by 20 million people in the United States daily. In the 2017-18 season, Fox News experienced record viewership due in large part to public dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump and his administration. Furthermore, in recent years Fox News has expanded its international audience exponentially due to favorable coverage of United States foreign policy abroad. To this end, Fox News maintains bureaus around the world that provide international viewers with live streaming video from locations near or within their host countries. 

 The launch of Fox News represented a shift in both popular opinion and media portrayal towards a more conservative direction. With an overwhelmingly large following and an impressive track record of success under challenging political circumstances, Fox News continues to serve as a popular platform for pro-conservative opinions and opinions shared by its owners. Though some mainstream media outlets criticize Fox News for promoting viewpoints contrary to their own, these criticisms do little to diminish what is already an already successful organization. 

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