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 AeroCool is one of the oldest computer cooling product brands in the market. The company was started in 2002 with the aim of creating affordable computer cooling products for gamers. The founder of AeroCool, Mr. Lu Zu, is an experienced car mechanic who had his own coolers in his vehicles for years. He saw the demand for computer cooling products growing in the gaming industry and decided to make his own line of products. 

 AeroCool is a leading global manufacturer of computer hardware and accessories. They provide a wide range of products to retailers and consumers worldwide. Their top products include CPU coolers, graphics cards, keyboards, mouses, optical drives and cooling pads. There are also themed product lines like Armored Warriors and Kings Blade that are aimed at gamers and collectors, respectively. In addition, AeroCool has their own e-commerce website where they sell directly to consumers. 

AeroCool was established in 2002 in Shenzhen China. While the company was still young, they decided to change their focus from car coolers to computer coolers because that market was much more lucrative. In addition, the company had asked their local factories to pre-make some of their parts so they could start manufacturing as soon as possible. Overwhelmed by consumer demand for their new product line, AeroCool quickly grew into a prominent global manufacturer. They also received a license from the Shenzhen government to produce anti-pollution products for cars— a first for any Chinese company manufacturing air-cooled computer components.

As might be expected from a gaming-oriented cooling brand, AeroCool is the number one selling brand for CPU coolers in the United States market. They have also built up a strong position in markets such as Russia and Germany due to their high quality products and reasonable pricing strategies. Even though their primary focus is gaming, AeroCool has expanded into other markets such as professional gaming, military gaming, industrial gaming and data centers. In fact, AeroCool recently announced plans to start selling water cooling systems for gamers and enthusiasts under the Aerobuilder brandname.

 As you can see, AeroCool is a very successful global manufacturer with a strong focus on the gaming market. Their products are inexpensive but still high in quality due to rigorous manufacturing standards. In addition, they have managed to successfully expand into other markets such as professional gaming and industrial use thanks to their innovative designs and fast response times to market demand. On top of all that, Aero Cool has been around since 2002; if they’re still going strong four years later, then the sky is the limit! 

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