Dramacool & 10+ Best Alternatives




 Dramacool is an online platform for Korean dramas. It showcases the latest and most popular Korean dramas in real time. It has more than two million registered users from over 100 countries. 

 Since the 1990s, South Korean television shows became hugely popular in Asia. In particular, Korean dramas from the country’s two biggest broadcasters, KBS and MBC, are streamed online via cable channels and apps. The “Dramacool” TV app is one of the most popular streaming platforms for Korean dramas. With a name inspired by the original concept of “cool”, this app combines drama and technology to bring fans the latest episodes of their favorite K-dramas at the push of a button. A new trend in Korean dramas On top of being entertaining, K-dramas promote social awareness through storylines that address contemporary issues such as gender equality, family structure and mental health. The popularity of K-dramas has skyrocketed in recent years as more high-quality productions have been churned out by prestigious broadcasters. As a result, “Dramacool” keeps on introducing new K-dramas to its loyal fans around the world. 

Korean drama fans are called “Drama-addicts” According to 2018 survey data conducted by KT Holding Company— a major South Korean conglomerate— 70% of South Koreans watch at least one K-drama per year. In addition to being entertaining, these shows are also educational as they often focus on current social issues such as family structures and mental health issues. They help fans gain knowledge about current events in Korea and around the world through their melodramatic storytelling style. On top of that, most K-drama fans watch multiple shows per year— sometimes up to 70 or 80 different episodes spread over several months! These avid fans tend to be extremely loyal to their favorite brands as they devote large amounts of time and money towards maintaining their “Drama-addiction” status quo.

Korean dramas are popular worldwide According to Google Trends data analyzed by DramaRambles , there are more than 120 million global views for “Korean drama” searches each year . This number only reflects views on Google , however; other search engines have even higher figures for global viewership of K-dramas . Furthermore, according to a 2017 study conducted by DramaAvengers — a South Korean entertainment industry consulting firm — approximately 60% of Asians aged 18 or older watch some form of Asian drama . This includes not only Asian countries but also countries with sizable Asian populations such as Australia , Canada , China , France , Germany , Italy , Japan , Malaysia , Philippines , Russia and Turkey . An estimated 500 million people across Asia regularly tune into some form of Asian drama . As Asian drama continues to gain worldwide recognition through this widespread viewership, its industry is poised for lucrative growth in coming years!

 Although there have been many changes since Kim Joo Hyuk introduced us to kpop 15 years ago, we can now see how popular heekyung (Korean pop) has become worldwide! Although it started out as something only Koreans loved (and still do), now audiences all over the world tune into these pop culture phenomena! With so much positive exposure happening in Asia lately— both locally and worldwide— it looks like pop culture is indeed heading towards greater heights! 

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