DISBOARD & 10+ Best Alternatives




Discord is an online text and voice communication platform designed exclusively for gamers. It’s a free software primarily run by discordapp.com; however, it can be run on web browsers as well. Discord is a great place for gamers to communicate, organize clubs, and find teammates. It’s also a great place for parents to communicate with their children while they play games. Over 100 million people use Discord every month; however, the app is not without its controversies.

 Discord launched in 2015 and has taken the gaming world by storm ever since. Gamers love how easy it is to organize and communicate with other gamers over time constraints. Through Discord, players can chat with each other either in text or voice format from their mobile devices or web browsers. This allows them to play games on the go without missing out on their team’s mission or goals. Players also love that Discord makes group chatting accessible to anyone with an internet connection without requiring a premium account.

Since gamers use Discord so frequently, there are plenty of servers dedicated to this community like #games, #anime, #music and more! Each dedicated server has its own rules and guidelines designed to make gaming social interaction easy and fun for all participants. Some servers allow you to ban specific users or set minimum user age requirements so that no one interferes with your game time with others under the age of certain guidelines. Other servers focus on teaching new players how to play games effectively through informative voice channels called “channels”— these servers are called “Introspectives”. Other servers focus on competitive gaming like tournaments or league play— these are called “Competitive Leagues” (or just “Leagues”).

Since it was created for gamers, Discord has numerous apps designed specifically for this community. Some of the most popular apps include Voice Changer, Music Charts, Emotes, Gambling Bot and many more! There are also apps designed specifically for gaming groups like GroupMe which allows multiple players to join together in a group chat without confusing messages getting lost in the mix. There are also several bot services similar to Slack where you connect with other users through voice channels instead of text messages but run through Discord instead of Google Apps Scripts (GAS). This makes it easier for teams within organizations or groups of friends to stay connected without everyone needing their own individual account on Discord (although that is also possible). 

 Despite many controversies surrounding it due to its gamer-centric nature, Discord remains one of the most popular communication platforms among gamers today! It opens up new avenues for communicating with others regarding your favorite games — especially when compared to traditional methods like Skype which have their own set of limitations when talking about gaming topics with others present. With numerous apps designed specifically for this community, along with easy-to-use server rulesets that keep gamers happy and relaxed during gameplay sessions, it would be hard not to recommend trying out Discord! 

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