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 CrackWatch is an online news website that reports on the crack status of video games. The website describes itself as a place where “video game enthusiasts, law enforcement and social media experts get the latest in crack and piracy news.” CrackWatch’s creator, Bill King, launched the website in 2011 under the Creative Commons license. This allows other websites to republish or adapt CrackWatch content. In addition, King launched a companion Twitter account under the handle @CrackWatch with an identical mission— to alert the public of video games that are available for download on the Internet without authorization from their publishers. 

 Video games are electronic media that are often adapted into a form of art. In some cases, this form of art is also a form of entertainment for many people. However, this does not mean that video games should be treated unfairly— they should be evaluated fairly according to their source material and artistic merit. Experts have argued that treating video games unfairly perpetuates negative behavior and causes people to seek out illicit sources for games instead. In addition, some believe that there is little difference between crack versions of popular video games and unauthorized commercialized versions since anyone can obtain them through file sharing platforms at will. 

Despite this opinion being shared by many people, it is still important to note that publishers may still view video games differently due to their nature as media products rather than just forms of entertainment. This means they may use different marketing strategies or design techniques to increase sales among potential consumers who see them as tangible goods rather than just forms of amusement or sport. Some examples include using prominent placement in gaming magazines or newspapers, giving away promotional copies at trade shows or using aggressive direct marketing strategies with retailers such as GameStop or EB Games via email or phone calls. Whatever strategies they use, though, it is important for publishers to treat their products fairly if they want their products to gain public trust when dealing with its crack status.

CrackWatch believes it is vital for video game publishers to deal with illicit distribution since this issue affects sales and game integrity simultaneously. Since crack versions can be easily accessed over the Internet at any time— even after the official release date— it can negatively impact both sales and game integrity for developers and publishers alike. To avoid losing sales due to perceived low quality among consumers who view cracked versions first, game publishers have two primary options when dealing with crack issues: continue releasing cracked versions of their games or temporarily halt sales until cracking websites cease distributing cracked videos first. Since it is difficult for game publishers to determine which sites are distributing cracked videos without infringing on copyright laws themselves, they must choose which approach works best for them based on their situations and business needs 

 It is hard to determine if a game is crack or not due to the fast rate at which it is spread and accessed over the Internet these days. However, CrackWatch encourages everyone who values fair treatment toward electronic media products to follow its lead in supporting positive change towards this goal wherever possible.

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