Tarot cards online & 10+ Best Alternatives


Tarot cards online


Tarot is the art of reading from the Major and Minor Arcana of a deck of 78 card deck typically called a Tarot deck. There are many styles of Tarot decks such as Celtic, Oswald Bresson and Rider-Waite. Each style has its own way of interpreting the cards. However, free online tarot reading sites interpret the cards in a similar way. For example, when using a free online tarot reading site, you do not need to learn how to interpret the cards since this is done for you. 

 When using a free online tarot reading site, your tarot cards usually come in sets of four— trump cards (or majors), court cards (or minors) and extra cards (or face cards). You can learn how to interpret your cards based on the number of decks that you use. To interpret your free online tarot reading site, first determine if it is positive, negative or neutral. Then determine which suit represents your current state. After determining which element you are currently ruling over— air, earth, fire or water— you can interpret your card based on these elements. For instance, if you are positive and neutral at the same time, then you will interpret your card as being positive in nature but neutral regarding where this strength should go. 

You can have your tarot reading online by using a free online tarota reader site such as Fortuna Dei (a Latin phrase that translates to “fortunes of God”). You can access Fortuna Dei via the Internet from home or work via a laptop or desktop computer with an Internet connection. On Fortuna Dei’s home page, there are several images that represent each card’s meaning as well as their position in playing suits (such as clubs versus spades). You place an order by selecting the playing suit for your order from an options list and then filling out an order form with your request. Your request may include something like “I would like to know my future with my career and love life” or “I would like to know if I should travel soon with my job prospects looking good”. Based on this information plus Fortuna Dei’s database of over 25 years of readings, your request will be interpreted and sent via e-mail within 24 hours— usually sooner!

 The popularity of Tarot has led to its use not only for fortune telling but also for understanding one’s path in life through astrology and numerology as well. Many people believe that Tarot was created by famous occultist Jean Rophe or even by Christian Huguenots around 1500 AD! Regardless of its origin, one thing is certain— when using a Tarot card reading site online, you can have all the help you need interpreting your cards for yourself! 

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