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Asura Scans

 Asura is an Indian comic book series written by B.V. Jogalekar. The comic book series is about the adventures of Asura, an intelligent monkey-gods and king of the monkeys in a fantasy world. The main character’s name is Asura and he is a monkey with supernatural powers. Many readers from all over the world have read Asura and have appreciated its adventure plots and interesting characters. One such reader was Mahatma Gandhi, a renowned Indian political leader who studied and practiced non-violence throughout his life. Gandhi read Asura as a young boy when it was first published in newspapers under the title “Kumbakonam Kavacham”. In honor of Gandhi’s memory, the author re-published his stories under the title “Asura” in 1892. 

 A study on aggression conducted by Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer illustrated that people can be easily manipulated into doing what they do not want to do if they believe it will help them achieve their goals. In this study, participants were asked to perform simple tasks like stacking cups without breaking them or dropping them. However, before doing so, some participants were told that they would be punished if they did not complete their task successfully. They were also told that their punishment would be lessened if they performed imperfectly instead of badly. By telling them this, the experimenters wanted the participants to complete their task without breaking any cups or dropping any for fear of incurring punishment or having their punishment reduced further. The results showed that those who believed in achieving their goals through performing imperfectly rather than by failing outright performed better than those who did not believe this or who had no such goal to achieve at all. This research demonstrates that people can be easily manipulated into behaving how others want them to behave if they believe it will help them achieve their goals in some way or other.

The other research conducted on aggression illustrated how people react when someone threatens to harm them or someone close to them. In this research, participants were shown photos of different people— some of whom had been harmed and others who had not been harmed— while being asked questions about which person they would choose as a friend and why they made that choice. It turned out that those who had chosen photos of those who had been harmed over those who had not chose friends with similar characteristics as themselves over time stayed away from others as they feared being harmed themselves should they choose to associate with anyone else at all instead of staying away from everyone equally fearing no one at all since no one could hurt them ever again like those photographed did in the images presented to test subjects thus proving how people react when someone threatens threatening harm directed at themselves or someone close to them as illustrated by these test subjects choosing whom they will befriend instead of whom will befriend them based on how much fear for themselves these test subjects have based on how much fear for themselves these test subjects have exhibited thus demonstrating how people react when someone threatens harm directed at others 

 People can easily internalize perceived aggression towards themselves or loved ones by altering their behavior accordingly as demonstrated by both studies above on aggression and perceived aggression towards oneself or loved ones respectively thus illustrating how people react when someone threatens aggression directed at another person since this perceived threat makes people feel threatened themselves since it makes them feel threatened towards themselves since it reminds them of something harmful happening to themselves or loved ones previously thus demonstrating the power psychology has over human behavior depending on what each individual believes is true for him in life thus acting accordingly for him in life thus altering his behavior accordingly accordingly for her so she does not end up getting hurt like others have done before her causing her to learn self-defense so she does . 

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