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North Carolina is one of the hardest states to live in if you are involved with illegal drugs. It has a high crime rate, high unemployment rate and a poor social structure. Many people living in North Carolina struggle with drug addiction, which is why the state has one of the highest drug arrest rates in the country. The North Carolina web site is the largest database of North Carolina mugshots. These digital archives contain booking photos and details about every person who was arrested in North Carolina since 1971. 

 Each mugshot on shows the arrestee’s date of birth and information about their charges. These charges can range from traffic violations to possession with intent to sell and manufacturing drugs. Many of the arrestees on were young adults arrested for possession or distribution of drugs. Some notable charges include aggravated assault, arson, child abuse, domestic violence, gambling, homicide, rape and child molestation. Some of these cases involved powerful drug dealers arresting people for petty theft or unpaid debts.

One of the most common charges against all arrestees is possession with intent to sell or distribute drugs (PSD). This is because many crime bosses use drug trafficking as a way to finance their criminal activities. Many people were arrested for this charge at a north carolina party because they were selling drugs at a low price to attract more customers. Other common charges include manufacturing or selling drugs, possession with intent to buy/sell drugs, failure to appear and driving under the influence (DUI). 

North Carolina currently arrests around 4,000 people each year for drug related crimes— an astonishing 80 percent increase from 1990 to 2010. This sharp increase can be attributed to the rising popularity of prescription pills like Oxycodone and Fentanyl. Pharmacies often run out of these necessary medications and resort to selling cheaper alternatives like heroin and cocaine. This leads more people into criminal activity, where they can profit off their addictions further increasing the supply and demand of illicit substances in our society.

 North Carolina is one of the hardest states in the country when it comes to fighting criminal activity due to its high crime rate, high drug arrest rate and poor social structure. Mugshots from this state provide valuable information about how local criminals are engaging in unlawful behavior— which is useful for both researchers and potential clients wishing to avoid known offenders. As a citizen living in North Carolina, be aware of any illegal activity taking place near you so you can protect yourself and your community from dangerous offenders. 

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