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 In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in December 2012, gun ownership became a hot topic in America. Many people were frightened by the massacre and called for stricter gun control laws. Others were inspired and started a grassroots campaign to ask Congress to introduce legislation that would prevent future school massacres. No matter where you stand on this emotionally charged issue, it’s undeniable that gun violence is a serious threat to our national security. Unfortunately, many gun owners are unable to find high-quality firearms and reloading components at reasonable prices. This is why veteran gun shop owner Jay Adkisson created to help people find what they need at the best prices.

 To purchase ammunition or reloading components, you can use to quickly find what you need. Accessible through a web browser, the service works like this: First, you enter your location to receive an up-to-date list of available products in your area. Next, you search for the products you want based on their manufacturer, type and quantity. Next, you choose the seller from a list of verified vendors so the price is competitive and meets your needs. Finally, the seller ships directly to your location, where you complete payment and receive your order. The whole process takes less than ten minutes with little effort from your end.

To find sellers near you, AmmoSeek works like Google but with guns and ammunition as the focus. You can type in any keyword — whether it be manufacturer, type or quantity — and receive a list of relevant vendors located near you. As you narrow down your search, AmmoSeet also shows you prices from various sellers so you can find the best deal for your needs. If you’re looking for Wolf USA steel cased 0.32 caliber 124 gr FMJBT rounds, for instance, you can quickly find the best price for 1000 rounds of Wolf USA military ammunition from vendors in your area. 

Although AmmoSeek is primarily used by gun enthusiasts and collectors looking for ammo or reloading components at competitive prices, it can also be used by law enforcement agencies or target shooters who want bulk supplies of ammo or components. Buying ammunition and reloading components from AmmoSeek saves money since there’s no middleman; instead, vendors ship directly to your location where you pay cash or use credit cards to complete the purchase. Plus, since thousands of products are listed on AmmoSeek at any given time— including guns, magazines, reloading components and more — finding what you need is quick and easy. 

 It can be hard for gun owners to find quality ammunition and reloading components at reasonable prices during major firearm releases like Black Friday or after a mass shooting occurs. Luckily, AmmoSeek makes it easy to accessoaeaarsworshortcutsforaccessaaloadeddownlaodsin response to these events by locating sources of stock ammunition and components in your area. By saving time and money through easy access to high-quality merchandise, hopefully more Americans will have the opportunity to enjoy firearms sports like hunting or target shooting! 

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