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 Alibaba Group is an e-commerce company that has diversified its business beyond online retail sales. It operates both Alipay and Tmall, its delivery and marketing platforms, respectively. Alibaba Group also owns the mobile payment service WeChat, which enables users to make contactless payments in China. In addition to these services, Aliexpress is the third-largest international e-commerce website by sales volume. 

 The expansion of Alibaba Group’s retail business in the US was hindered by stringent payment controls over products sold. Apart from this, the company also faces stiff competition from Amazon and other e-retailers in this country. The company is also looking to expand its logistics network as it continues to invest in its own transportation facilities. However, a government investigation into alleged fraud by Alibaba Group affiliate AliExpress has caused concerns among investors about profitability for these businesses.

Aliexpress was founded in 2007 under the name TaoMao International Trading Service by the Uighur Naimat Soiyonokat Company. In 2012, Naimat Soiyonokat Company decided to change the name of their e-commerce website from TaoMao International Trading Service to “AliExpress” due to trademark issues with TaoMao International Trading Service. Today, AliExpress is one of Alibaba Group's most popular websites; it’s available in Mandarin and English languages, and uses both a desktop and mobile website design. The site offers free shipping on over 300 million products worldwide. To cut down on counterfeit products, sellers can pay a verification fee if their products meet certain standards.

According to research done by Chinese e-commerce website Meilongxaijia, Alibaba Group maintained its top position in China’s online retail industry in the first quarter of 2018. However, Amazon remained far ahead of Alibaba Group in global e-commerce sales volumes. Despite this groundswell of interest in Chinese goods abroad, investors are concerned about Alibaba Group’s inability to capitalize on international trade due to problems with AliExpress and other businesses.

 Alibaba Group has a global customer base that continuously invests in its retail platforms beyond Aliexpress. Aliexpress is known for offering free international shipping and selling millions of products from over 300 million sellers worldwide. As other businesses face scrutiny for allegedly fraudulent practices, it will be interesting to see how Alibaba Group manages its various businesses. 

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