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2k sports is a video game development and publishing company that produces the popular basketball video game NBA 2k. In the past, 2k has offered MyTeam add-on packages for their games that allow gamers to build dream teams of NBA players. The base game includes all of the normal features like solo play and online multiplayer matches. However, gamers can also purchase additional content to enhance their gaming experience. One of these enhancements is the MyTeam add-on which allows players to build their dream team and take it on the court with them.

 The NBA created a new game mode for MyTeam players when they launched MyTeam several years ago. This new mode included updated versions of classic NBA teams along with player avatars representing current NBA players. Players could take control of their favorite team and play through grueling tournament games against other teams’ dream teams. When gamers complete this mode, they can earn an avatar called a “Legend” for their MyTeam avatar. These legends are similar to player badges in that there are multiple variations for each current player. Collecting all of a player’s “badges” will unlock a special achievement on that player’s MyTeam avatar. For example, Stephen Curry has two different badges for his Golden State Warriors team— one for his shooting ability and another for his 3-point shot shooting percentage.

The main feature of a MyTeam add-on is earning achievements related to playing as your dream team throughout the game. These achievements are tied to games played on specific NBA teams as well as game modes specific to your dream team avatar. For example, Kevin Durant has an achievement related to scoring points on his Oklahoma City Thunder dream team while Russell Westbrook has an achievement related to scoring points on his Thunder dream team with Durant on the court with him. Collecting all NBA badges will unlock a special achievement on MyGM where you can play through an entire season using your custom dream team as your starting lineup. 

 Building an ultimate basketball squad sounds like fun— especially when you can earn cool badges in the process! However, gamers who want to achieve this goal will need to invest time and money into a MyTeam add-on package for their favorite 2k sports video game title. Players can enhance their enjoyment of 2k games by complementing their gameplay with various types of add-on content designed for every game genre! 

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