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15 Minutes 4 Me is a mobile application developed by doctors to help individuals with mental health issues to manage their stress and anxiety. The app helps users to identify their difficulties, take actions and manage their problems effectively. The app is available on iOS and Android platforms and helps people from all walks of life to cope with mental health issues. Users can take a free self-test for stress, anxiety or depression; the test will provide them with an estimation of their risk of stress, anxiety or depression. Based on this estimation, they can choose the best apps for them to deal with their issues.

 Continuous stress leads to physical and mental problems; it negatively affects our sleep cycle, decreases our concentration levels, and increases our heart rate as well as blood pressure. Stress also affects our general health status— it has detrimental effects on our cardiovascular system, cholesterol levels, weight gain and blood pressure. People who experience constant stress often have a hard time falling asleep or remaining calm without any interruptions. Regularly experiencing high levels of stress leads to emotional or physical dependence on releasing endorphins— the body’s natural opioids— which creates an addictive cycle. To effectively deal with their emotional issues, people need help identifying the root of their issues so they can take appropriate actions towards solution. 

Stress management is a complex but necessary process that involves evaluating one’s lifestyle habits and addressing any problematic behaviors that may contribute to one’s emotional state. One must be open-minded when addressing emotional problems; there are no black-and-white solutions for every emotional disorder. In addition, one must create a supportive environment where they can seek help from professionals and peers alike for emotional support and advice. People with mental illnesses often feel isolated due to social stigma associated with sicknesses— this makes it even harder for them to seek help for emotional disorders. Employing methods such as group therapies can make all the difference in helping people manage their psychological disorders effectively.

People often neglect self-care when struggling with psychological disorders; however, this is an extremely important step towards recovering from stress. Self-care includes things like exercise, eating healthy food, socializing positively and getting enough sleep so that we feel relaxed and positive throughout the day. It also involves having hobbies that will keep us active such as gardening or music lessons so that we are not stuck at home all day long doing nothing productive. Taking care of oneself is an essential process towards managing psychological disorders since it allows us to regulate our emotions without external assistance 

 Stress is an ever-present aspect in many people’s lives; however, there are ways we can effectively manage it so we do not fall victim to its negative effects on our physical and mental health  

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